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About Us:

RUNE Publishing was founded to build a community of readers and authors who believe science fiction and fantasy can be, and ought to be, kept clean.

We believe that such a community provides readers who are otherwise hesitant to try new authors because of the prevalence of explicit and vulgar material a means of safely doing so. We also believe such a community encourages authors to improve their skills by eschewing base material and embracing more creative means of making the story and characters come alive.

Although we use traditional Christian morals as our guide for what is and is not acceptable, we do not believe all entertainment needs to be religiously oriented. Magical worlds or interstellar wars are completely legitimate in the realm of fiction. Our books are aimed to be appealing to all audiences desiring clean and wholesome entertainment, regardless of their own religious convictions.

About our Logo:

The rune in our logo is ‘thurisaz’ in the Elder Futhark or ‘thorn’ in the Anglo-Saxon Futhork. This rune was chosen because of its association with self-discipline, knowledge, and focus or meditation. There is also an acknowledgment that such things are attained through hardship and challenge.

This rune is also often associated with Thor as the protector and defender of Asgard.

We at RUNE Publishing believe that self-discipline is foundational to a healthy community. The ‘Why?’ for our existence is to embody these principles and be the protector and defender of wholesome literature.

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